Launched in 2011 by Ginza Industries Limited, Soie redefines style and quality for India’s young, restless, vibrant and fashion conscious generation. Apart from the lingerie itself, the brand name too turns a lot of heads. The name Soie, which means “silk” in French, is pronounced as “Swa”, which not co-incidentally is a Hindi word that means self. Thus, Soie spearheads a fashion consciousness that defines how beautiful it is to be ‘me’ for a whole new generation.

Aided and abetted by 300 multi brand outlets,2 dedicated facilities, major e-commerce portals, and 6 company owned stores, SOIE has setup an effective PoS.Guilty! With a wide range of seasonal must-haves and cutting-edge designer-inspired fashion pieces, Soie, coupled with its unrelenting growth, is a brand that is today at the forefront of fashion and we’re pretty confident that we’ll keep it that way.