• Plain net and Tricot Fabrics
  • Torchon Laces
  • Emroidered Fabrics and Laces
  • Eye and Hook
  • Fascination Lace Fabrics
  • Jacquardtronic fabrics
  • Multibar Rachel Fabric and Laces
  • Circular Knit Fabrics
  • Rachel Jacquard Laces and Fabrics
  • Elastic Tapes
  • Value Added Work on Fabrics
  • Apparels and Lingerie

Plain net and Tricot Fabrics


We offer plain net and tricot fabrics in polyester and nylon in both Spandex and Spandex free varieties,which,owing to their elegant looks and texture are highly in demand in the industry.Mesh is a type of fabric characterized by its net like open-appearance and the spaces between yarns. We manufacture mesh fabrics in nylon and polyester at competitive prices.We also provide fabrics that are stain and water resistant, fire retardant, wrinkles free as per customers demand.

Fabric Types include
  • Plain Net In Polyester And Nylon
  • Plain Net In Polyester And Nylon with Spandex
  • Mesh Fabrics In Polyester And Nylon
  • Tricot Fabrics In Polyester And Nylon

Torchon Laces

Torchon Laces

Torchon lace is an application of out of crochet. It employs fibre threads and more decorative styles to be stitched – often with flowing lines or scalloped edges to give interest.Backed by rich industry knowledge and experience, we manufacture and supply a wide range of Torchon, Bobbin-Laces & Fabrics using latest techniques.Available in various designs, torchon laces can be customized as per various specifications of our clients.

Emroidered Fabrics and Laces

Emroidered Fabrics and Laces

With growing demand of creations in the fashion world, machine embroidered fabrics have captureda great amount of attention.All our clients are spoilt for choice with a broad range of embroidered fabrics, sarees and laces, gupier /chemical fabrics and laces, motifs, collars, patch work, eye let embroidery etc that we manufacture. These fabrics match the needs of our clients such as designing and stitching different types of garments. • Available in a plethora of designs and patterns, our range of Embroidered and Schiffly fabrics are known for their durability, texture and beautiful designs. Our wide range of products in Gupier gives us a definite edge over our competitors.

Range of Gupier Products:
  • Cotton Cambric Allover
  • Cotton Cambric laces
  • Gupier cotton allover
  • Gupier Allover
  • Gupier Cotton Laces
  • Gupier Laces
  • Necks
  • Nylon Laces
  • Nylon Viscose Embroidery

Eye and Hook


Around 40000 dozen sets of Eye- Hooks for Ladies’ Brassieres leave the production line per day.Set up under the technical supervision of a renowned overseas domain expert, our eye-hook facility delivers quality that can be benchmarked to the world’s best.The Hook and Eye tapes can be supplied on spools with the hooks or eyes facing either left or right to accommodate customers’ individual sewing requirements. The entire manufacturing process for ladies’ brassieres is carried out in-house.

Fascination Lace Fabrics


Our ever-imaginative and creative artisans intricately weave a plethora of Fascination Lace fabrics and give them a soothing look.Specifically designed to enhance the personality of the wearer, these fabrics can be used to make Sarees and even Evening Gowns.Ginza is the first in Asia to own the Fascination lace machine, which clearly stamps home the fact that we constantly innovate to deliver the best quality products.

Fabric Types include:
  • Fascination Lace Allover
  • Fascination Zari Fabrics
  • Fascination Spandex Fabrics
  • Jacquardtronic Fabric And Laces ( Rigid Elastomeric)

Jacquardtronic fabrics

Jacquardtronic fabrics

We manufacture and supply various high quality Jacquardtronic fabrics and Laces. These fabrics are offered to our esteemed customers at competitive prices.

Multibar Rachel Fabric and Laces



We are one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent array of warp knitted fabrics. Our plant is equipped with full-scale knitting and finishing equipments. We manufacture a wide range of Rachel & Warp Knitted fabrics and Laces as per current market trends.These fabrics are offered by us at the most affordable prices.

  • Rachel Allover Designs
  • Rachel Strip Lace
  • Rachel Spandex Lace
  • Rachel Spandex Allover
  • Rachel Jari Allover

Circular Knit Fabrics

Circular Knit Fabrics

We manufacture and supply a quality approved range of Melange Fabrics, Cotton, Nylon and Polyester fabrics both- Spandex and Spandex free varieties.These fabrics can be easily be produced in numerous colours and patterns at competitive prices.

Fabric types include:
  • Cotton /Nylon/Polyester Fabrics
  • Melange Fabrics
  • Spandex Jersey fabrics

Rachel Jacquard Laces and Fabrics



Backed by rich industry knowledge and experience, we are experts in manufacturing and supplying and exclusive range of Raschel & Warp Knitted fabrics, laces, stoles, scarves and Jacquard fabrics. Our marvelous range of Jacquard fabrics features beautiful designs, patterns and remarkable color combinations to meet various requirements of our clients.

Fabric Types include:
  • Raschel Jacquard Allover
  • Jari Allover
  • Stole Dupatta and Triangles
  • Jacquard Laces
  • Jacquard Spandex Fabric

Elastic Tapes


We manufacture Elastic Tapes measuring as small as 3mm in width to as large as 100mm in width using state of art machineries fashioned by reputed brands like Mueller of Switzerland, Comez of Italy, KY of Taiwan, Britenbach CDR of Switzerland.Apart from regular lingerie elastics, we also manufacture Jacquard Name Tapes.To ensure proper elasticity of products, only the best quality spandex is used in production.

Fabric Types include
  • Elastic Tapes
  • Name Tapes
  • Frill/Scallop Elastics
  • Velvet tapes/Elastics
  • Jacquard Elastics
  • Transparent Tapes

Value Added Work on Fabrics


Our value we add to our fabrics involves converting the intangible to something tangible, a fact reflected in royal and glamorous looking fabrics that we manufacture.Surely then, it’s more than just value we add, we add elegance to our work.We undertake several such value addition processes like Flock Printing, Foil Printing, Transfer Printing, Pleating, Embossing, Flame Lamination, Foam Lamination Chemical Lamination.We combine Printing, Foiling and Flock and Printing to create striking images.

All our value added services include:
  • Flock Printing
  • Pleating Embossing
  • Foil Printing
  • Transfer Printing
  • Flame Lamination
  • Raising, Sheering and Polishing

Apparels and Lingerie

Launched in 2009 by Ginza Industries Limited, Soie redefines style and quality for India’s young, restless, vibrant and fashion conscious generation. Apart from the lingerie itself, the brand name too turns a lot of heads. The name Soie, which means “silk” in French, is pronounced as “Swa”, which not co-incidentally is a Hindi word that means self. Thus, Soie spearheads a fashion consciousness that defines how beautiful it is to be ‘me’ for a whole new generation.

Aided and abetted by 300 multi brand outlets,2 dedicated facilities, major e-commerce portals, and 6 company owned stores, SOIE has setup an effective PoS.Guilty! With a wide range of seasonal must-haves and cutting-edge designer-inspired fashion pieces, Soie, coupled with its unrelenting growth, is a brand that is today at the forefront of fashion and we’re pretty confident that we’ll keep it that way.